You can’t cover up lips that want to speak
You can’t even pat MAC on top with lipglass and expect for it to
Be discreet You can’t even put man’s hands on top of these lips because the combustion of
Knowledge will destroy all doubt at the release of my speech
I seek goodness in all things because evilness is already there
Trying to get my attention, helping me with my coat putting hands
Around my throat because no one wants to hear another Jesus poem
Interesting because I heard you call his name when life brought the pain
I see you go back and forth like a pendulum
Double-minded and unstable in all your ways
Taking you years to grow up because of childhood fears
So with poetry, I invest in you, I inject diction of biblical sublime rhyme into you
Not using needles because my lips will do, parting ways like the red sea guiding you to
A land flowing with milk & honey, I learned a long time ago that the best things in life are not free but they can be…that’s called “favor”
I command tight lips and troubled lips to speak, depressed lips and suicidal lips, chapped lips and smooth lips can be cover ups so don’t judge by what you see,
these lips are holding their own healing, sealed up in closed hearts screaming for help thru beats that sound like a drum line cadence, beating fast, beating slow until the beat is gone
Silent night, holy night, silent lips, hurting lips
I mean who knew until the bible told you that the power of life and death is in the tongue
So your lips got tricked and spoke your own death
Spoke your own defeat
Be careful how you contract that muscle
Before you open your mouth to speak

© 2006 Charlene Evans AKA Chiccy Baritone