Never come together because if you did, it would dismiss the trademark of your main identifier, the one the most high design, keeping you sanctified not only in your spirit and mind but in your smile as this GAP opens doors and hearts, forming a bridge to release prophetic speech but I can’t lie, this Gap has challenged me in my self esteem as a young girl being taunted by little boys who made jokes about my smile while they sanged songs by the GAP band as I walked by, causing me to put my tongue between my teeth when being photographed, had me putting my hands over my mouth like Celee when I laughed….I was told by my parents how beautiful my smile was but it wasn’t enough because it was them against the world of cruel people who forgot that there is beauty in imperfections….but is it an imperfection? I found out later in life that what some see as a flaw is fallacy, as I break the fangs of the wicked and snatched the souls of victims from their teeth (Job 29:17) using GAP-God & Poetry.

Holding unspoken wisdom between my teeth while I look for the next “space to invade” because empty space is opportunity. So while you focusing on my Gap I will be forming a Gap in your closed mind making room for knowledge, wisdom and understanding because I don’t want no more people to perish, as my words form the missing capacitator trying to send knowledge to the resistor as God the source rekindles divine continuity- your circuit is now complete. God use the symbolic nature of my smile to warm the hearts of the enemy in the mist of him plotting to destroy me, help me close the racial Gap, the poverty Gap, the religion Gap, the social Gap, the communication Gap, so that we can bring understanding between men & women back all of this from a Gap. So I have a lot of weight on my shoulders as I accept the divine assignment to only have a Gap in my teeth and not my life using the power and the authority of my GAP-God & Poetry

© Charlene Evans AKA Chiccy Baritone